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Tea stall

Looking for the best tea stall to satisfy your craving for a cup of warm chai? Look no further with narika events is event company in jaipur! We offer the best tea stall experience with our top-notch chai stall, conveniently located near you. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic chai or something more adventurous, our tea stall is sure to deliver. So come in Jaipur and Rajasthan on down and experience the best chai stall near me today!

tea stall
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Giant Jenga

“Make your wedding unforgettable with giant Jenga! Narika Events is the best event management company in jaipur provides a large Jenga game hire near me for a thrilling and interactive experience. Add a unique touch to your big day with Giant Jenga wedding – a fun and engaging activity for all. Book now for endless laughter and memories!”

Balloon Shooting

Looking to make your special event unforgettable? Try Narika Events’ for Balloon Shooting game! Perfect for adding excitement to weddings and birthdays alike, our game challenges guests to pop as many balloons as they can. Book now to give your celebration that extra thrill guests will always remember

Balloon Shooting

Angry birds

“Narika Events is the  brings the beloved Angry Birds game to life in your events. Let your guests indulge in the feathered frenzy. Book now and join the fun!”

Angry Bird


The mature leadership and organised working style of Narika Events are the solution. One of the key principles that Narika Events adheres to is the timely delivery of services. Other essential principles include complete comprehension of the requirement, thorough communication, transparency, task breakdown structure style working, and zero mistake functioning. Additionally, the foundation of Narika Events is made up of highly skilled employees, technicians, and vendors that are experts in their fields and have years of expertise. Additionally, personal supervision is required for every task, regardless of how big or small it is because responsibility always remains the same.

The most important factor is working style. First, we thoroughly discuss with clients to understand their needs. Understanding local conditions through site visits. Then, taking into account the conversation and the clients’ requirements, we sketch a master plan. We guarantee the master plan is open and accessible. We begin scheduling the vendors and artists that are most suitable for successful implementation after the customer has given their consent. In the end, we personally supervise to ensure that everything is in order, much like a family member. Only for that reason do our clients refer to us as “family event managers.”

Since there are many different types of events today, we offer services in each one. The main occasions for which we offer our services are weddings held in gardens, destination weddings, sangeets, mehandis, and roka ceremonies, as well as corporate and social events, political gatherings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and retirement celebrations.

We provide services at every location all over Rajasthan.